Stocks for the Long Run ebook

Stocks for the Long Run ebook

Stocks for the Long Run by Jeremy J. Siegel

Stocks for the Long Run

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Stocks for the Long Run Jeremy J. Siegel ebook
Format: pdf
ISBN: 007058043X, 9780070580435
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies
Page: 314

Stocks for the Long Run set a precedent as the most complete and irrefutable case for stock market investment ever written. For the last few years we have been poking fun (hopefully in a good-natured way) at the book Stocks for the Long Run. Siegel, author of “Stocks for the Long Run”, remain firmly behind stocks as the better choice, noting that stocks are trading at very reasonable valuations right now — unlike other times in the past decade-plus. Here is the the breakdown on each one and why each one is a buy for the long run. Cheap stocks that pay decent dividends are great for the medium to long term, says professional stock picker Jacob de Tusch-Lec. According to conventional wisdom, annualized volatility of stock returns is lower when computed over long horizons than over short horizons, due to mean reversion induced by return predictability. These are stock to keep at-least for one year and maybe even much longer.. Always have a sell plan that includes taking a profit.. About halfway through this historic. Here, he tips five such stocks to buy now.

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